Protective wax that contains a special resin EPX, which gives a unique water – and dirt repellent properties. Carnauba wax gives the vehicle a deep Shine. Cleansing supplements remove dirt from cracks and corroded layer. Suitable for old and new surfaces. Can withstand multiple washings.

To the vessel is attached spongy material for rubbing the surface, which is washed after each use.


Petroleum distillates, silicones, natural waxes, water.

Method of application:

Scrub the vehicle from dust and dirt (primenyaite only special car shampoo)

Apply to a sponge (included). Apply to the vehicle in a circular motion uniform thin layer.

Naturita a soft, dry cotton cloth or microfiber after drying to Bellecote.

Carefully Polish the surface using a clean cotton cloth or microfiber.


Do not use the sponge if it gets on the ground!

To avoid stains, do not use the tool in the sun and not put it on the heated surface of the car body.

Recommendations for use:

Work outdoors or in a well-intelroom room. Avoid povleceni surface of the body not to produce a work with a strong wind and dust. Apply only on the surface of the body. In case of accidental contact with other surfaces immediately remove the tool. It is recommended to test the effect of wax on a small area. The tool leaves a stain, so it is recommended to work in protective clothing.


Not to drink, not to take in food. Dangerous to life.

Avoid contact with skin. To work in protective gloves.

Keep out of reach of children.

Flammable. Do not store or to work near OTKRYTOGO fire. If swallowed, immediately consult a doctor. In case of contact with eyes, skin, face and body immediately rinse under running water for at least 15 minutes. If health is not improving, immediately consult a doctor.

Polishes for other colors of cars:

Made in Japan.

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