Computer selection of paints for cars in Togliatti

Computer selection of paints for cars in Togliatti

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Experienced, with many years of experience, koloristike will only pick the color autopaints, but will also give recommendations for its application. Any car paint can be made directly on the code of the paint, available on every car. However, for the precise manufacture of paint, you must provide the original sample car paint applied on any item (most often it is the outlet of the tank). The selection of colors is carried out using full-color documentation AkzoNobel and equipment for color matching, comprising mixing plant with a set of basic components and electronic scales. Our kolernyh equipped with all necessary equipment, tools Continue reading

Main parts, units and components legooo car

Main parts, units and components legooo car.

Passenger car consists of mechanisms and assemblies that form its three main parts: chassis, engine and body.

The engine is a device that converts thermal energy generated by the combustion of fuel, into mechanical energy driving the vehicle.

The chassis consists of the following main elements:

– transmission elements that transmit torque from the engine to the wheels);

– running gear (wheels, a device mounting and connection c body);

– management mechanisms (steering and braking).

A short mechanisms control the driver can change the direction and speed of movement of the vehicle. Continue reading

Computer diagnostics of the car

Computer diagnostics of the car

Today, almost all cars are from electronics, crammed with a variety of sensors, instruments, blocks of offices and other electrical systems. This introduction of electronics has led to the need for its diagnosis. Today we will look at what is the diagnosis and how it can help us or hurt.

Computer diagnostics

Computer diagnostics is a code reading operating parameters of the vehicle. When possible overwriting, deleting, and every change settings auto. For analysis use special equipment: various stands, scanners, local (laptop) system for reading information. This equipment allows to determine the parameters Continue reading

A clean car is not only presentable, but driving pleasure and confidence.

A clean car is not only presentable, but driving pleasure and confidence. Quality washing and timely care will ensure the integrity of the paint finish of your vehicle for years to come.

Washing complex ’Transsexuelles» Salov, 70 operates 24 hours without days off and breaks . Serves up to 15 cars at a time. Features – ample Parking, comfortable waiting area..

We offer a wide range of services: from technology cleaning to complex pre-sale preparation.

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wash bottoms hire a professional chemicals; cleaning interior with modern equipment; polishing body; abrasive polishing headlights; protection of the car body modern means: titanium, liquid glass, nano; wet carpet Continue reading

The British called the best brands and models of cars

The British called the best brands and models of cars

British magazine What Car? and U.S. Agency for J. D. Power & Associates conducted a survey which found the best car brands and models in the opinion of the drivers from the UK.

The winners were the Jaguar and Lexus, which in the so-called index of “satisfaction” scored 808 points out of 1000 possible.

Altogether, 15,5 thousands of motorists who appreciated 109 models aged from one to three years. The machine was evaluated on multiple criteria, including dynamic performance, comfort, design, available options, cost of ownership, reliability, and quality of service.

In addition to Jaguar and Lexus in the first Continue reading

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Equipment for chip-tuning. Chip tuning is one of the best and affordable ways to increase capacity, improve vehicle dynamics without undue modification of the engine by adjusting the settings in the firmware of electronic control units.
The Germans recognized that their cars are not the best in the world. According to the annual survey conducted by the German automobile club ADAC...
INTERFAX.RU - the Man who went to the Red square on the tow truck, is the owner of the towed vehicle, reported "Interfax" the press service of the Moscow police.