Stickers for cars

Stickers for cars

As you know, a wedding takes a lot of time, effort and money. But we must not forget that to prepare this celebration also very interesting. Everyone can realize their most daring and original ideas. You just have to learn to get pleasure from the process, and then the result will exceed all expectations. Stickers from our company can be a great additional decoration in the design of machines from a wedding procession.

The original idea for wedding

People who like original, must like a new accessory for the registration of vehicles for the holiday. We’re talking about labels with strong symbolism, all kinds of labels or greeting words. They are able to make any limousine bright and unique.

For decorating the wedding crew newlyweds, you can use stickers with standard symbols in a pair of doves, wedding rings or red hearts. Quite popular original inscription in English “Just Married”. Even selecting the most modest option of stickers with the names of the bride and groom limousine you can personalize.

Boundless imagination

Stickers are bought not only for decorating the wedding procession. but for other special occasions. When selecting a sticker not necessarily be limited to standard templates. You can offer your inscription or drawing, product size and color depend on client requirements.

When organizing the wedding stickers can be issued not only the crew of the newlyweds, but also the entire tuple. The decoration is very practical and functional, and to apply it to your car very easily. The pattern can be applied to both internal and external side of the glass. All images and text due to the adhesive well kept on the surface. When you remove the stickers on the glass leaving no traces.

Which label to choose

When confronted with a choice of wedding stickers for cars in our company, you may be confused because the range is extremely diverse. Usually we advise to pay attention to the stickers for license plates. Labels should be selected taking into account the concept of the wedding: it can be both classic and unconventional and original image.

Come to the Agency, “Pegasus”. our creative staff will help to decorate a wedding procession unusual and impressive!

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