On the parent capital can allow to buy cars

On the parent capital can allow to buy cars

Study of this question on behalf of Dmitry Medvedev will be engaged in the Ministry of labor, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of economic development and the Ministry of industry and trade

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev instructed the three ministries to consider the possibility of use of maternity capital for the purchase of the car.

Study of this issue will be engaged in the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of labour and the Ministry of industry and trade and the Ministry of economic development. Suggestions offices should be ready by February 12, 2015, according to TASS .

This decision was taken following the meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers on measuresto support the domestic automobile market, which took place on 2 December.

In mid-August 2014 newspaper “news”, wrote that members of the Public chamber of Russia has sent a letter to Manturov with a request to consider the possibility of extending the maternity capital. In particular, in the book it was proposed to use these funds for the purchase of a car for a family’s needs.

The program of the parent capital ends on 31 December 2016. The government has repeatedly made proposals to extend her term. In particular, in late November, Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets argued for the extension of the program for at least five years. At the same time, in early October, the Ministry of economic development proposed to stop the disbursement of the parent capital, in order to save 300 billion per year.

Maternity capital is issued in Russia since 2007. Now it amounts to 429 thousand. It can claim women who have given birth or adopted more than one child. Funds may be used to pay for the education of the child, the formation of the funded part of labor pension to the mother and to the mortgage loans, as well as on the improvement of housing conditions.

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