The British called the best brands and models of cars

The British called the best brands and models of cars

British magazine What Car? and U.S. Agency for J. D. Power & Associates conducted a survey which found the best car brands and models in the opinion of the drivers from the UK.

The winners were the Jaguar and Lexus, which in the so-called index of “satisfaction” scored 808 points out of 1000 possible.

Altogether, 15,5 thousands of motorists who appreciated 109 models aged from one to three years. The machine was evaluated on multiple criteria, including dynamic performance, comfort, design, available options, cost of ownership, reliability, and quality of service.

In addition to Jaguar and Lexus in the first five, and in 2013, was the Mercedes-Benz and Skoda (801 and 800 points, respectively). In addition, the leaders got Volkswagen, who last year of the study only the eleventh position. “Honda”, which in 2013 was in third place, dropped to sixth place.

The best car brand in the opinion of British drivers

Place Mark Points

1 Jaguar 808

2 Lexus 808

3 Mercedes-Benz 801

4 Skoda 800

5 Volkswagen 791

6 Honda 789

7 Volvo 784

8 Toyota 779

9 Kia 778

10 Mazda 778

11 MINI 778

12 Audi 777

13 775 BMW

14 Land Rover 774

15 Ford 770

16 Hyundai 770

17 Nissan 770

18 Seat 767

19 Vauxhall 757

20 Peugeot 753

Renault 21 752

22 Citroen 751

23 748 Suzuki

24 Fiat 739

25 Alfa Romeo 725

26 Chevrolet 680

Experts noted that the average level of “satisfaction” British drivers their cars declined slightly compared with the previous year – to 772 776 points.

In addition, on a 100-point scale were determined by the best models in its segment. Most points scored Volkswagen up. Volkswagen Golf Plus and Skoda Yeti. The German company became the leader in the number of their representatives at the top positions among the best cars in its class – five of the nine.

The best models in its class according to British drivers

Class Model Points

City car Volkswagen up! 851

Subcompact car Citroen DS3 793

Compact Volkswagen Golf Plus 843

Mid-size Mercedes-Benz C-Class 820

Big bonus Volvo V70/XC70 812

Sports car Volkswagen Scirocco 819

The Compact MPV Kia Venga 797

Volkswagen Touran Multi-Purpose Vehicle 804

Compact SUV Skoda Yeti 828

The five models that scored the lowest number of points became Ford Ka, BMW X1, Citroen C3, Alfa Romeo MiTo and Chevrolet Spark, taken from 105 to 109 respectively.

The study also showed that 76 percent of drivers who bought a car this year, used to purchase the Internet (73% in 2013). Owners of cars aged from one to three years on average apply to the service of 3.1 times per year (3.3 times in 2013). However, only 58 percent of them speak directly to authorized dealers.

The most common complaint by British car owners associated with poor performance of ventilation systems and air conditioning machines. Most drivers are not happy too strong misting, and insufficient heating of the beauty in the cold season.

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