How to choose a car?

How to choose a car?

The sound should be loud and clear. Clarity provides not only acoustic, but the head unit. Many wrongly assign him a very modest role. So how to choose a head unit (receiver)?

In the simplest case, the audio system in the vehicle consists of a receiver and pair of speakers. But the demands of car owners for music in the car with grow every year, and a modern sound system consists of a head unit, external amplifiers. sound processor, and at least 5 speakers. But back to the price: to buy a high quality sound system for cheap unrealistic, even used. But it still has to be installed properly! Just skillful hands is not enough, we need to understand acoustics, and not in General, and in relationto the car specifics. If You don’t think that the sound in the car is worth a lot of money, then you can get just the receiver and 4 speakers.

Specifications auto receiver (receiver)

– Power output. It is believed that more than a more powerful output signal, the more you can “rock” speaker system. However, manufacturers often indicate unrealistic figures and power becomes a competition not Judee nothing to do with reality. In this case, receiver with built-in amplifier power 4×45 (unlikely of course, but specified by the manufacturer) can better “rock” speakers (sound system) than the receiver amplifier 4×55. Professionals also enhance the sound of external amplifiers.

– Frequency response is a very important parameter, directly affecting the realism of the sound. The graph of the frequency response should not be a local “humps”. In the case of their presence appear distorting the overtones are not typical for the record.

The sensitivity of the tuner . It is now believed that the sensitivity index must be 1mkv and less. This is especially important if you often go to the suburbs where the radio signal is poor.

– Noises . The ratio signal/noise ratio should be at least above 90 dBA

Level (max) signal to a linear output . The indicator is directly affecting the noise. The higher the voltage the less noise, because the on-Board network of the vehicle makes noise and interference. Preferably from 2B and above.

– The number of channels . two – and four-channel. Dual-channel receiver allows you to install in the car only 2 speakers and Quad – 4. Five-channel receiver, respectively, allows you to set four speaker plus subwoofer .

– The presence of a linear inputs and outputs . This provides the possibility to further increase the audio system.

System noise and various other adjustments. Most important, perhaps, are the equalizer, or at least tone registers, which allow you to adjust the timbre and balance adjustment on front and rear (fader).

– Operational facilities . This is an opportunity mute, RDS, setting the display illumination color, dimmer, buttons, encoder and design controls. Little things, but little things pleasant.

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