Computer diagnostics of the car

Computer diagnostics of the car

Today, almost all cars are from electronics, crammed with a variety of sensors, instruments, blocks of offices and other electrical systems. This introduction of electronics has led to the need for its diagnosis. Today we will look at what is the diagnosis and how it can help us or hurt.

Computer diagnostics

Computer diagnostics is a code reading operating parameters of the vehicle. When possible overwriting, deleting, and every change settings auto. For analysis use special equipment: various stands, scanners, local (laptop) system for reading information. This equipment allows to determine the parameters of the following systems:

1. The operation of the engine;

2. Brake system;

3. Fuel system;

4. Electronics;

5. And other

The data is displayed on the screen in real time. You can get a lot of charts and based on the data, make adjustments in the operation of the vehicle. Such adjustments can increase power, reduce fuel consumption, increase engine life and more.

When necessary computer diagnostics of the car

Diagnostics will be needed in that case, if you notice disruptions in the car or on the instrument panel began to light up indicators to incorrect operation of individual systems.

For example, if you decided to buy a used car, computer diagnostics will give you a full list of what has happened to the car during the whole time of its existence. Experts recommend to conduct computer diagnostics car once a year, in order to prevent. In fact, this type of auto inspection is the most thorough way to prevent from damage.

How is computer diagnostics

Diagnosis is carried out in several steps:

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