Trailers for cars

Trailers for cars

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on the website of the company ’Gemmir», the official dealer of industrial enterprises “Kurgan trailers”!

If You come to us, then definitely look for a convenient, reliable and inexpensive trailer for your car. The company “Kurgan trailers” produces the best trailers for passenger cars, whose quality and reliability proven by the Russian roads and confirmed by a huge number of motorists.

We are ready to offer You trailers on any occasions. Our product range includes more than a dozen modifications trailers – from specific to generic. Here You will find the trailer you were looking for. We guarantee reliability, quality and performance of its products.

What makes our “Kurgan trailers» the best and most reliable?

The company has developed its own original design for trailers that takes into account all the features and nuances of operation of trailers in our country. The company has its own modern production base, which has the best specialists with extensive experience in the production of trailers. The company is not complacent and are constantly working to improve the reliability and quality of its products. The company is constantly expanding product range, developing and releasing all new versions of the trailers under the most diverse needs of our clients.

Here You will find universal trailers for cars, trailers for transporting ATVs, snowmobiles, boats and jet skis. We can also offer You the trailer for use with ATV, snowmobile or off-highway vehicle.

Buying the company’s products “Kurgan trailers”, You can be confident in their choice. Our trailers for passenger cars reliable, have excellent load carrying capacity and stability on the road. Our trailer can be equipped with additional devices that will enhance the functionality and usability of the trailer. Thanks to modern technology, materials and monitoring, the quality of our products is always on top!

If You come to us, then definitely look for a convenient, reliable and inexpensive trailer for your car. The company "Kurgan trailers" produces the best trailers for passenger cars...
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